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A week ago most of us felt on top of the world; new investment had finally arrived at Everton FC, new life was to be breathed into the Club, Farhad Moshiri was on board and there was a spring in our steps, everyone wanted to talk about it. Add to that the news that Mo Besic had been tied down to a new deal, plus the 3-1 victory over Aston Villa on Tuesday night – it was a pretty enjoyable few days in the land of Evertonia.

But, as predictably as Katie Hopkins coming out in support of Adam Johnson, fast forward a week and we are back to tearing our hair out once more.

It’s hard being an Evertonian – I’ve written dozens of articles with a similar sort of theme – the lack of a winning desire at the Club and always settling for second best – and once again sat here tonight I find myself like a big blue broken record of pessimism.

If I’d begun to lose faith in Martinez during his second campaign in charge then what I feel now is complete anger, sheer frustration and a distinct loss of interest for anything he says or does.

Only us can go from such a high to such a low in seven days, it’s ridiculous.

The news of fresh investment and a three points at Villa have papered over the cracks at Everton FC. Yes we should be excited about new money being pumped into the Club, hopefully our future is brighter, bolder and we begin to believe in ourselves again, but for the here and now and what we are seeing before us, I’m losing interest fast. Without sounding horrible, even the sight of Martinez or the sound of his voice is grating on me at the moment. The sound bites have never washed with me, they become even more ridiculous when we suffer defeat, and his antics as he attempts to drag this side out of their predictable slump give me no hope that he can turn this around. You can see it before it happens with Everton at the moment.

I’ve spoken before about finding it hard to support some of the people at Everton, and unfortunately over the course of the past 18 months the same can now be said about Roberto Martinez. That initial swagger and verve about him is a distant memory, as are them brown shoes and fancy jackets – I couldn’t give a fuck about what he wears, he could have a Lacoste Trackie and 110’s on for all I care, as long as Everton are winning on the pitch. For me it’s turned on its head. We were on a crest of a wave when we first joined and although he has further bettered what was already a decent team, in terms of results and performances we have gone backwards. There’s no point in talking about character, potential and the exciting group of players we have if we are sitting in 12th place in the League.

Once again the season looks a write off.

People slate how horrible West Brom were when we played them, and I am not for one minute saying I’d pay to watch them play again, but they know how to do the defensive basics, as do many other sides in the League. They know how to see games out, be a bit snide and grind out results. Ultimately they are now above us in the League table so we can bang on about playing styles all we want, it counts for nothing if we don’t win games.

We can’t hold on to a lead, we’ve lost far too many points from winning positions, we are shocking at Goodison, we can’t defend, we look shit scared when we concede, and cannot for the life of us see a game out. We might have vigour and flair in our attacking play, but what’s the point in us having that if we look like a gang of dick heads at the back – it makes no sense? Clean sheets are your bread and butter, with players like Barkley, Lukaku and Deulofeu the goals will come, the spine is set with Barry and co, but if we can’t organise ourselves at the back with our England international captain, apparently the next Beckenbauer in John Stones, plus seasoned Premier League players in Coleman and Baines, what hope have we got? Just exactly what do our players practice in training and what is it about defensive work that Martinez hates?

I honestly despair. Watching on Saturday I didn’t even flinch when Payet scored the winner, it was inevitable. It was written in the script. We, as supporters, can read a Roberto Martinez Everton side like a book – and so can the other 19 teams and their Managers in this league. When we’ve won this season we’ve won against the teams lower down, we’ve hardly raised it against anyone even moderately good. We are simply not good enough and the book stops with Roberto Martinez.

I want to get excited about our future, new money, new ideas, but under Martinez it’s same old same old. I don’t know if I’d trust him to spend money this summer, and I’m not too keen on having him in charge for another year, because I can’t be arsed with another season of this. The nearly men, with a great team and great potential who never ever look like fulfilling it.

What compounds this is the blatant ignorance of the local press to even attempt to be critical of Roberto Martinez. Those journalists at the Echo aren’t journalists, they are minute takers at press conferences, down at Finch Farm eating digestives and drinking tea. Buzzing off Martinez’ soundbites, oh hi Roberto nice to see you. Fuckin joke the lot of them.

There I go again? criticising the Echo again, as I say, there’s a similar theme to my writing, I won’t stop until I see changes. Us, as fans, are the ones who pay the money into the Club and it is down to us now to force change, because it is obvious to see that nobody in the local media are going to push any buttons! One or two of the national pundits have spoken a little bit about us today, but what about the luvvies at Finch Farm who come face to face with our Manager week-on-week but say nothing, even though they know the results aren’t good enough. The stats don’t lie now, there’s nowhere to hide. New money into the Club, the pressure is already on Mr Nice Guy Martinez, if he gets more time this summer then the spotlight will increase, I don’t think he can hack it and I certainly think his time has run its course.

I’m not sure I can stomach much more of Everton under Roberto Martinez, I’ve lost trust, lost faith and lost interest because of him and this should not be the case. To be in 12th place with the best squad I’ve ever seen is a disgrace. The League is wide open this year, but we’ve refused to seize the moment, even though we’ve had no European distractions, not many bad injury problems, and almost two players to every position! No excuses, just simply not good enough. Underperforming, underachieving, it seems to be the Everton way. I’m embarrassed to look at that League table. Three points ahead of Bournemouth, below West Brom, well and truly mixing it with the glamour sides of the Premier League. It makes me shake my head in despair at the thought of it. Some might say ‘well we could still win a Cup’ and what like? Of course I want silverware, but why can’t I demand that and League success too! Not enough demanding at Everton, it’s all too nicey nice and nobody wants to upset anybody. Well sometimes you just need to be horrible, straight to the point and tell it how it is. I support Everton and might sound like a ranting crank here, but I only do this because of my love for the Club.

Martinez’s stubbornness is a key frustration of mine. His refusal to change. He does what is best for him and his ideology rather than what is best for Everton FC and most importantly, win a football match. I don’t care if it takes 100 snide 1-0 wins before I see any fancy football again, I just want to win. The substitutions have increasingly become more and more weird and proof that he has his methods and will stick to them. But how long will he get away with it before he is questioned by his employers or the people who report the news? Does anyone at Goodison actually want Martinez gone or is it just those few thousand I speak to on Twitter every day?

After last season, instead of coming back stronger, coming back with a change in mentality and fighting our way out of this we seem to be going the other way. Everyone at the Club suggests they have faith in each other but do they really? Is it just a case of not wanting to upset the Everton-norm? With Everton at the moment I could sit here and write a thousand questions, because for me none of them are ever answered, and a few months later I just repeat myself again.

Players like Lukaku, Stones and others are bound to move on if this continues, and what do we do then? Sign a striker who runs a bit more but only scores a third of Lukaku’s goal tally. Will we then realise what we’ve got and how we miss him? Ross Barkley must be scratching his head. Others like Baines and Jagielka, do they ever say a word? Why aren’t they stepping up, showing their experience and trying to get us going again. I just don’t see it at Everton. Too many players happy to pick up their pay cheque, spend loads of time on Instagram or doing photo shoots for sponsors, and not enough time on the basics of football. Players like Mirallas, a prime example of a good player but someone who just isn’t arsed. what does he care about Everton FC? Players like Kone, as if he’s gonna drive us on to Champions League glory. Small mindedness and half arsed attitudes, what I’d give for a few people in that team who actually cared. Players who actually got hurt for the shirt and put their head the way of the opposition. What I’d give for a straight talking manager who knew what he was doing.

At the end of the day they get paid anyway, these players are in the ring of steel. They don’t spend their Monday night’s like a depressive dick head writing repetitive rants about the Club they love, and neither does Martinez and his ten telly’s studying all those footy matches and fancy tactics, practicing his next verse for the Echo at Finch Farm on Thursday. But they aren’t Evertonians, they don’t care, so they’ll never feel my passion.

It’s a passion that makes me rant like this and I simply can’t let it lie when I feel this way. I have to get things off my chest and I stand by my views that Martinez isn’t leading this Club anywhere. I can’t bring myself to listen to him anymore and I wonder what the point is watching Everton from now until the end of the season. Unless something miraculous happens I can see us coasting towards mid table mediocrity and once again another 12 months of nothingness has passed.

Our upcoming fixtures worry me and this is because of our league position. Arsenal at Goodison before trips to Watford, United and probably the rearranged game with Liverpool. Yet more testing times for Martinez and his side who have a long way to go before they instil any belief back into this particular Evertonian.

The moment we get some positivity back they remind us that they are Everton and self harm, bringing us back down to earth with a crash. Over the past 18 months it’s been an all too common theme and for me Roberto Martinez has to take the bulk of the blame.

I’m sorry Roberto, I just can’t see any light at the end of the tunnel with you in charge of my Club. We’ve become such a soft side and it is so difficult to watch.



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