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Everton face Sunderland at the Stadium of Light this Sunday and ahead of the game I caught up with Black Cats fan Adam Delicate of Sunderland Supporters Magazine – A Love Supreme.

I put some questions to Adam ahead of the game, you can read his responses below and check out the ALS website here..


What is the story of Sunderland’s season so far?

A frustrating tale of one step forward, two steps back so far. We started off with a few encouraging draws before losing narrowly at QPR, then some more draws, then we finally won against Stoke! Before the South Coast and Arsenal horror shows and now we’ve got a good result at Palace to build on. It’s a shame we couldn’t go on another League Cup run too.


The result at Palace on Monday night surprised a few people, how important was that win after a difficult few weeks?

It was really important, the team and club needed a lift again to get back on track. We are actually quite difficult to beat and we showed that at Selhurst Park. I can only hope we can kick on and put two steps forward now and not go back to square one.





The 8-0 defeat on the South Coast, is it painful to talk about?

YES. A complete freak. It’s in the past, it was not a pleasant afternoon but no point dwelling on it.


Fletcher hit a brace against Palace, is he the man who can fire Sunderland up the League?

Fletch is the best of a very bad bunch of strikers we currently have. In saying that, that’s not giving Steven enough credit because when he’s confident and nobody touches his ankles, he is a fantastic striker. If he can maintain his form, we’ll be fine this season.


Who else should we look out for on Sunday, any other danger men?

Jordi Gomez has been a key part of our season so far, particularly when coming off the bench. He does slow the game a bit and can go missing from games but his left foot is an absolute wand. Patrick van Aanholt’s performances have also been very encouraging but it looks like he’s dislocated his shoulder so will be out for our game with you lot.




Gus Poyet – what is your assessment of him?

I was unconvinced when he was first appointed but the adventure we’ve been on since then has been a hell of a ride. He’s young, confident, speaks well, passionate and tactically very astute as well. If we are to progress with this long term project the board are trying to implement he needs to stay and be a part of it.


Last season you looked doomed at one point but managed to put a run together, are your fans expecting another relegation battle this season?

It certainly seems that way. It is frustrating that we’ve been in the Premier League for nearly a decade now and yet we seem to battle relegation almost every season. In fairness, a mix of bad decisions, bad signings and, with Martin O’Neill, a bit of bad luck is why we’re still perennial strugglers.


Everton have a good record against the Black Cats, how confident are you of getting a result against the Toffees?

Yes, you and Tim Cahill seem(ed) to love playing us. But our record is slightly improving with a couple of victories in recent years, hopefully we can catch you on another bad day but I think it’ll finish as a draw on Sunday.


Everton's Tim Cahill celebrates after scoring against Sunderland in the FA Cup sixth round


Any thoughts on us and Martinez?

I think you have an excellent side and an excellent manager. The defence seems to be the Achilles heel though and Romelu Lukaku needs to find his mojo again. I think many clubs would love to have Roberto as their manager, you were great to watch last year. I do still think you’ll have a good season just not this weekend. All the best for the rest of the season.

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