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It’s shite isn’t it, being absolutely furious with the team you love. Once again Twitter is in meltdown and I can relate to all of the fume I am reading, I share the anger everyone feels, however on certain occasions 140 characters just isn’t enough to get your point across. In fact I’m not even going to try and make a point, I just can’t bite my tongue, I, like all of you, am simply livid, concerned and disillusioned by it all, but I don’t get paid 50 grand a week and can’t make things better for you. How I wish I could right now. 

I like David Unsworth but my word has he inherited a shit-storm by being appointed our temporary manager. How the hell is he meant to lift this crop of players, a crop of players who’s arses have gone by the time they even got their shinnies on. Three games, three defeats, two cup exits later, with seven goals conceded and one scored, our former defender finds himself at the forefront of what is a calamitous catalogue of blows to which there seems no end. Tonight was the latest defeat in what has gone from poor form to major concern, talk of relegation and salvation, a sacked manager in Koeman, finger pointing at Walsh/Board and a group of players who don’t appear to have a backbone between them. 

How has it come to this after such positivity over the past 18 months? 

Regardless of who Koeman or now Unsworth has put out on that pitch in recent months, in whichever shape, position or formation, aside from Jordan Pickford and probably Vlasic on occasion, not one player has stood up to be counted, not one player has made me feel proud of them and actually want to praise them, nobody is putting themselves on the line and it is apparent that certain players ‘heads have gone’ to quote a phrase commonly used in football. For all of the talk and criticism around the Club it has been Koeman, and to a lesser degree Walsh, who have took the brunt of the blame for Everton’s recent demise – be it summer decisions, player unrest, formations – but even now with Koeman a part of Everton’s history, and our much-liked Under 23’s Manager promoted to attempt to ‘look after’ things until a permanent successor to Koeman is found, still we’ve seen no reaction from the players. The players seem to escape criticism during certain situations like this but not from me, they need to be made accountable, the manner in which they are going about things is completely unacceptable. Apart from a brief positive period away at Chelsea, nothing has changed, the players look destined to fail, succumbed to defeat and there is an acceptance around the side that is in drastic need of addressing. Not even a change in manager has sprung any positivity about them, they might be pictured smiling whilst hugging Unsworth in training and quoting how relieved they are that Koeman has gone, but that means nothing to me unless they prove their worth on the pitch and get us results – but they are doing neither of those things.

These players aren’t protected from criticism just because Koeman has been sacked and the book stops with him, these players are currently acting like a gang of shithouses and they need to quickly realise which Club are they are playing for and how important it is to turn things around. I know sitting here calling them names won’t help matters, but it’s making me sick how easily they are accepting defeat as Everton players, especially when they earn in a week what most of us don’t earn in two fuckin years. Confidence is obviously an issue, but I’m talking about a squad populated by a large number of seasoned Premier League players, experienced internationals, some of which are captains for their countries, I’m talking about players who’ve been there seen it and done it, yet don’t look like they give a flying fuck about the plight of the team they are currently a part of. Aren’t they ashamed of what’s going on? Aren’t they ashamed by the fact that 19 year old kids like Beni Baningime are walking into the side and making an impression alongside them, without even breaking sweat? Kids literally being bumped up to the first team because the players who are playing are acting like vulnerable robots just waiting to be hurt. In fact that 19 year old has been the best player on the pitch in the three games he started. Baines, Jagielka, Keane, Williams, Schneiderlin, Lennon, to name a few, Mirallas, Gueye, Rooney, Sigurdsson, look at the experience in there yet I see no player putting his arm around our younger lads, no player grabbing the game by the scruff, no player arguing and wanting to win, no fight no desire no nothing, if anything it’s the younger lads who look more hungry and willing to have a go, but even some of them are like headless chickens. Tom Davies is one who is having zero impact. What the fuck has happened to Davy Klaasen and Sandro, why hasn’t Vlasic started our last three games even though he’s one of them who actually looks arsed. We are helpless at the moment and I can’t see a name on that squad list who is going to drag us out of the shit and get his team mates up for it. Yes it is the manager’s role to manage the group of players and collectively get them playing but fuck me whoever this new manager is needs to be a miracle worker. They all need a massive kick up the arse and a huge wake up call, they need it spelling out to them who they are playing for, what this Club is about and how they are letting us down. There was 8000 fans over there in France today for fucks sake. Evertonians deserve better. Never mind how early in the season it is, if this rumbles on before you know it we will be at Christmas and could be even worse off, if that’s even possible. The players have to stop the rot and stop it now.

Those Evertonians who have a belief that we have some sort of divine right to stay in the League are clueless – no we don’t, even if on paper we have a lot of quality and have been in the English top flight longer than anyone else. That all counts for fuck all when it comes to the crunch. If your players don’t perform and are acting like they are currently then the only way is down if this run continues. We are like the school kid on the yard who is being bullied, but we are being bullied without anything even happening to us. We fall apart at the seams at the first sign of trouble and sides don’t even have to get out of second gear to get ahead against us, we capitulate, we look insecure, lifeless going forward and at sixes and sevens at the back and if it wasn’t for our ‘keeper the twos and threes we are conceding would easily be fives and sixes. It’s a collective mess which has no signs at all of turning around, not even a glimmer of hope, and with Watford heading to Goodison on Sunday there’s huge pressure on what is simply a must-win fixture. The trouble is, how many of us are already dreading it, what if we don’t win. It’s a dogfight which we find ourselves in and whoever Everton appoint as their next manager I just hope that these glaring issues are addressed early doors. We need someone to make the players grasp the magnitude of what is going on, someone who can make players want to fight for the shirt and transform our form for the better.

Any neutral watching us wouldn’t be able to tell who our captain is, fans of other clubs due to face us must be licking their lips, we are one wounded animal who is showing no signs of recovery, and we are limping from one hurdle to the next but instead of actually having a go we are falling without even jumping. Five defeats on the bounce for the first time in 12 years, sat 18th in the league and out of two cup competitions just a quarter of the way into the season have left me and all other Evertonians reeling, concerned and questioning just what is going on at Goodison Park. Unfortunately this group of players don’t appear to have any of the answers, and the manner in which they are being poked and prodded by the opposition without as much as a half arsed reaction is shocking to see. 

One massive look in the mirror is needed by every single member of that squad, and a change in attitude and mentality would be a start. They need to take responsibility for the slump we are having, there’s no place to be blaming the manager anymore and it’s about time all of those players restored some trust, pride and togetherness in this team again because currently, myself and many other Evertonians don’t feel any of that towards them at all. 

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