It’s 2014, a fresh year, and that predictable time again when people start making new years resolutions, making a change or trying something new.

For me nothing changes, I don’t need the end of December and beginning of January to provoke me into doing something, I’d just do it whenever I want.

Loads of people start banging on about diets, joining a gym or raising money for charity by not drinking at this time of year. It’s called attention seeking. You know the ones ‘new year new me’ and all that shite. Personally I think you shouldn’t get to the point were you need to drastically change your life for the better, just do it as and when. Try an be healthy, keep fit, and do things for charity of your own accord, not because you think it’s cool to raise money in January by not having a bevvy.

In fact, I might do the complete opposite, raise money for getting pissed, I’d make them a fortune.

It’s a reactionary thing and the build up to Crimbo is ridiculous, so once it has passed, people feel the need to occupy themselves with targets and stuff.

It’s the same with new year, it comes and goes, but is anyone really that arsed? Well by looking at some of the panic-buying faces in Asda, then yes they probably are. Too arsed.

I don’t get very excited though, as you can probably tell. Maybe am a bore…

It does make laugh though this time of year seeing people (mainly women) getting on the salads and yogurts, green tea and such, detoxing themselves in a bid to lose a few pounds, but come Friday night they’ll be back on the Quality Street nailing bottles of Red Wine when nobody is looking.

Stick yer resolutions up yer arse

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