New Year, New Blog



It’s about that time again when I make a new blog. New year an all that.

I’ve tried this before and it hasn’t worked out, mainly because I over edit the layout and over complicate things, but this time will be different. This time am gonna keep it simple, post views as often as I can, on Everton mainly, but general life shit too. Will I be speaking to myself? Probably, but who cares am gonna do it anyway. Follow me if your arsed, or even comment too, then it looks like I’ve got loads of Internet friends and that.

Expect passionate, not dramatic or controversial, views on EFC, and everything, from me. I’m just a plucky little northerner, working hard to be happy and enjoying the finer things in life, which are to me – going the park with my daughter, having the odd pint, a regular cup of tea, failing miserably at gambling and watching Everton FC. Oh and I like food too, lots of it.

The name of this blog is The Lower Gwladys Lad, so I’ll aim to keep my posts Everton-related, but now and again I might start getting all emotional and talking about life, religion, politics or whatever is on the news – that’s your cue to switch off.

Welcome punters. Happy new year.

(by the way the pic attached isn’t from my seat at GP, it’s just a boss pic)

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