It’s tough isn’t it, tough not to vent your fume, tough not to have your say and get everything out of your system. I’ve kept myself pretty quiet in the past 48 hours but it’s never been off my mind. That game. That result. That performance. The latest in a long line against that shower of shite who seem to get more annoying the older I get. 

Time and time again I’ve written stuff like this about Everton and although I believe we are on the right track, albeit one which will take time, it doesn’t mean that results and performances like what we saw on Saturday don’t still leave a sickening feeling in my stomach.

I’m sick of the ‘ah well we move on’ shouts and ‘we’ll have our time again’ comments, I’m struggling to remember just how many times I’ve heard that in my lifetime. I am bored of it. I want success. I want victories. I want to see fight, winners, passion, heart, players who no matter what the circumstances are, will pull you through. You’ve got younger supporters there who haven’t seen us beat them, new generations who think it’s the norm to lose, it should never be the norm to lose to anyone never mind our rivals, but these recent habits haunt the Club and it’s something we cannot shake off at the moment.

I want to see Evertonians happy and celebrating, not arguing with each other about who is to blame, as they attempt to dissect and deal with the fall out from yet another routine defeat at the hands of our neighbours who do nothing more than just turn up but automatically get the three points. You can play all the local lads you want in our Team and have a 20+ goal striker leading the line and believe that might be enough but unless significant changes are made at Everton FC you’ll see Liverpool FC get two walks in the park against us season on season. Six points guaranteed.

Former players used to love playing against Liverpool, they’d get a high from upsetting them, beating them – could you say that any of them who took to the field on Saturday loved it? Nobody ever seems to take it in their stride. Nobody ever seems to rise to the occasion. There’s far too much of an acceptance of defeat when we play against Liverpool – it’s that simple. And what hurts most is that they aren’t even that good. Thinking back to the losses against Chelsea and Spurs, could you honestly say that Liverpool are as good as them? Yet they still brush us aside, with Emre Can and Lucas bossing the midfield for fucks sake. The difference with Liverpool is that they are confident, they don’t go into their shell, they don’t get overcome by the occasion, they don’t even do anything fancy, they just go at Everton and we go to pieces. It’s not complicated, that’s what happens. You get all these so-called experts talking about formations, set-up, managerial choices; I’d rather keep it simple – Everton aren’t good enough, haven’t been for some time, and shit themselves every time they see that red shirt. 

We can talk about formations, injuries and throwing young lads in at the deep end but it’s all a load of bollocks to me, even with a fully fit squad there’s still that mental block and we continually struggle with it. Not just against Liverpool but everyone above us in the League for that matter too. Our record against the better sides is shocking and their fans must rub their hands when they see it’s Everton coming to town. Here’s Everton lads, yet another three points. No wonder the Kopite’s egos are through the roof. A combination of weak mentality and distinct lack of quality or players who actually give a shit usually combine to see us defeated in somewhat ease a lot of the time. 

‘It must be OK to lose to Liverpool because that’s what happens these days’ – part of me feels that is what some players, and possibly some fans actually think. The same when we play against Arsenal, Chelsea and so on..

It pains to me to sum it up like this because I’ve tried to remain largely positive about the Club over the past 12/13 months but it doesn’t get any easier seeing us bow down yet again. Something needs to change. Of course the United game offers us a chance to stop the rot but I couldn’t help but have my say about Saturday. It was a choice to either write down my thoughts, or inevitably end up arguing with Reds and Blues (some of the point scoring and shouts are embarrassing) or drink my way through it, so I have chosen to calm down (slightly) and vent my fume this way instead.

I’m not going to sit here and single out players or the Manager’s choices because I feel as a collective they are all to blame, that result and performance just goes to show how massively short we are and still in big need of improvements, both in the way we apply ourselves, our thinking going into games and the personnel we have at the Club. Until then I can’t see anything changing and we will inevitably lose six points every season at the hands of the half and half scarf brigade from across the Park. We need players who know nothing less than winning. Players who are used to it and not intimidated, and only then may we have half a chance. 

It doesn’t matter what we say about them and how they act because if they keep beating us then we can’t really say fuck all. You could throw all the insults their way but ultimately it is victories that earn you points and real bragging rights and I’m certainly one of those fans who can’t just accept the fact it’s ‘just another loss in a Derby’. Change the fuckin record then. Make a difference. Wipe that cringey smile off their annoying faces and give them some back. Because otherwise, they’ll just keep going as they are. That’s what worries me about Everton and although slowly we are seeing the fruits of improvement on the pitch and more significantly off it, there seems to be a lack of characters in the side, a lack of leadership and in all honesty, a lack of a bit of snide. Nobody seems to want to upset Liverpool, get their name in lights and make a bit of history, and I’m not talking about just throwing a heavy tackle in or pushing players around, it’s about standing up tall, showing your worth and playing football in a confident and exciting manner. Everyone looks down and out as soon as the game has kicked off. Panic stations. Scared. Rabbits in the headlights. And repeat.

It all makes for a predictable outcome when we play them, and many others in the League too, and if the Club are looking to improve both on the pitch and off it then in the short-term, quality recruitment and a catastrophic shift in mentality should be two key objectives as a starting point.  

A lad in work said to me today ‘what’s your honest opinion then Mark’ and I just said, we are not good enough and we shit ourselves every time. I stand by that and some Evertonians may not like how outspoken I am here but this is my view of what I see and it is something I have seen for far too long now. Liverpool hardly have to try and they still beat us these days and that is the harsh reality of it. No matter how much we hate them and how much you may not like me criticising the Club you and I both love, something big has to happen if we are to put a stop to this because I for one am getting tired of the sense of inevitability about it all, and I’m sure you are too. 

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